OTM: Chris Eberl
Vice-OTM : Marco Sebastiani

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Mission at a glance!

Industry has established procedures for experiments to be conducted after DIN norms and certified procedures to qualify materials for end-user applications. However many industries are still extremely careful to switch to new tools even if they could achieve faster and cheaper materials development processes. The objective for the team is to identify, define and articulate validation techniques and data that inspire trust in materials modelling or can be used as input to further develop existing materials models. This WG will support the enhancement of trust by validation of model results by establishing a tight connection between the materials models and experimental characterisation.

Bottom-up activities and provision of policy input to funding schemes (EU, national, international,…) will be undertaken to establish and nourish an open database which enhances the usability, reliability, robustness and advancement of single models as well as model systems.

The Full Charter of the WG is available as a pdf document here.

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