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This blog is dedicated to discussion of Translation & Training activities.

Thread 1

What material about Translation would you like to find on the EMMC Marketplace?

Thread 2

Which kind of Training material would you like to see on the EMMC Training platform?

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  1. Natalia

    The European Materials Modelling Council is providing Training for Translators in the framework of the minisymposium 147 “European Materials Modelling Council: Training for Translators” of the Joint ECCOMAS Conferences ECCM-ECFD 2018. The theoretical and practical aspects of Translation process will be presented by industrial modelling- and translation experts in two joining sessions.

    The training is based on successful industrial Translation cases and a Translation Guide. The EMMC provides demonstrations and recommendations for effective translation of industrial challenges into materials modelling approaches. Complementary, the translation process of implementation into applied industrial modelling cases is explained.

    The goals of the EMMC-CSA Training are

    to explain the possibilities for wider industrial adoption of the academic developed modelling,

    to demonstrate successful cases of the material modelling use for tackling industrial problems,

    to teach how to estimate the costs of the modelling support for industrial partners as well as how to describe Translation cases using the EMMC Translation Case template.

    More information related to the EMMC-CSA Training for Translators you can find on the events page.

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