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The translation process includes numbers of interconnected septs, which allow successful implementation of materials modelling into industry.

There are six general steps of the translation realization ( ):

  • Good understanding of the business case
  • Good understanding of the industrial case
  • Analysis of the experimental (and modelling) data available within the client
  • Translation to (preferably more than one) modelling workflows
  • Propose to the client modelling executor(s) and strategy for model validation
  • Translation of the modelling results to information that is understandable, reliable and usable by the client.

To execute the Translation tasks, translators need to own specific skills like

  • Industrial background
  • Academic/technical background
  • Deep and broad knowledge of modelling and software tools, including the limitations and pitfalls of the tools and methods
  • Broad understanding of different experimental techniques and data analysis
  • Softs skills
  • Knowledge of economic impact
  • Being neutral
  • Expected to show a proven “track record” of expertise on translation.

To train these skills and to demonstrate the efficient ways of successful implementation of modelling into industry as well as to teach approaches and technics of materials modelling translation, EMMC is currently planning to provide numbers of Trainings for Translators and is collecting the Trainings Materials to distribute for European Translators.

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