EMMC International Workshop 2017

European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC), a European network to coordinate the integration of materials modelling activities in Europe and support industrial uptake, is organising the

EMMC International Workshop 2017
Date: 5-7 April 2017
Location: Vienna, Austria

The workshop has the goal to boost the networking of European and International stakeholders and to provide a communication platform across different stakeholder communities. It will support different type of stakeholders to provide their input on the future materials modelling.

The Workshop is an ‘invitation-only’ event for about 80 European and International Experts to discuss and contribute in setting a common direction among stakeholders in areas ranging from materials model development, interoperability, metadata, repositories and marketplaces, software development and industrial deployment, best practices for business decision support tools, to articulating economic impact.

  • Barriers or breakthroughs? Towards better models in the chemical and semiconductor electronics industrial sectors
  • Vocabulary and taxonomy for improved community integration, communication and interoperability
  • Translation in practice
  • Barriers or breakthroughs? Towards better models in the metallurgical and automotive industrial sectors
  • Ontologies and Metadata schema and their implementations
  • Getting SMEs more involved in materials modelling
  • Barriers and breakthroughs: Bridging the communication and expectation gaps between model developers and industrial stakeholders
  • Pragmatic approaches to interoperability: Implementations, realisations, scenarios of practical relevance
  • Translation in practice: What we can learn from big companies?
  • Translation & training in practice: What we can learn from software owners?
  • Repositories of materials (modelling) data and knowledge: design and use
  • Success stories and how to widen success throughout European industry
  • Joint Session on Marketplaces: The need for Marketplace services: Requirements from stakeholders (model developers, translators, software owners and end users)
  • Training in practice: What can we learn from model developers?
  • Industrial deployment of materials modelling software: Current practice, constraints and barrier
  • Integration of materials modelling into Business Decision Support Systems
  • Synergy with national Modelling Translation Activities
  • Industrial deployment of materials modelling software: The way forward
  • Economic impact of Materials Modelling


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