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This semantic asset is owned by "IK4-Tekniker", has an "Ontology" semantic level and a "TBD" license.

Full metadata

    Semantic LevelOntology
    Field of ApplicationManufacturing production
    Language RepresentationOWL and SWRL
    Development Method: Knowledge Sources
    Development Method: ToolsProtegé, Pellet, rdf4j, Stardog
    Technical ImplementationThe Ontology developed by reusing and re-engineering ontological resources (B2MML) based on NeOn methodology ( Protege tool was used for the development of the OWL file.
    ScopeResearch development
    PurposeThe aim of the VARM is to provide a flexible knowledge model representing all the required items (i.e. tangible and intangible assets) in manufacturing scenarios and their attributes structured in a semantic net enabling and supporting: The control of dynamic real situations in manufacturing shop floors as central information source; Context aware automation mechanism behaviour adaptation and personalised  support (i.e. on the job guidance, decision support) on real time