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This semantic asset is owned by "Natalia Konchakova (HZG), Peter Klein (ITWM)", has an "Taxonomy" semantic level and a "to be determined" license.

Full metadata

    OwnerNatalia Konchakova (HZG), Peter Klein (ITWM)
    Licenseto be determined
    Semantic LevelTaxonomy
    Field of ApplicationTranslation of industrial challenges to materials modelling
    Language RepresentationText-based
    Development Method: Knowledge SourcesDeveloped by EMMC Translation Working Group collaboration; Materials Modelling Translation documentation of the EMMC
    Development Method: ToolsText editors
    Technical Implementation
    ScopeNomenclature for Materials Modelling Translation processes
    PurposeThe Translation2Modelling Taxonomy has the target to help Translators providing ways to prepare useful standardized documentation of Translation processes, including modelling results interpretation as well as the evaluation of Translation process and economical benefits of modelling. The Taxonomy will form the basis for the development of a Translation Ontology, which should include the possibility of extended relations for digital implementations of Translation processes.