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This semantic asset is owned by "University of Cambridge, CARES Ltd., and CMCL Innovations", has an "Ontology" semantic level and a "to be announced in 2019" license.

Full metadata

    OwnerUniversity of Cambridge, CARES Ltd., and CMCL Innovations
    Licenseto be announced in 2019
    Semantic LevelOntology
    Field of ApplicationChemistry, Material Science and Chemical Engineering
    Language RepresentationThe Web Ontology Language OWL
    Development Method: Knowledge SourcesCMCL Innovations: Kinetics software -; ChemKin-III -; Book: Marquardt et al. OntoCape: A Re-Usable Ontology for Chemical Process Engineering, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2010 -
    Development Method: ToolsProtégé, OWL API and TBox Generator - an in-house developed tool
    Technical ImplementationA Knowledge Base (KB) has been built with the complete integration of OntoKin/OntoChem and the representations of approximately 30 Chemical Kinetic Reaction Mechanisms. For the deployment of the KB, RDF4J has been used. The chemical mechanisms can be directly used within CMCL's Kinetics software.
    ScopeThe modelling, representation, management and querying of Chemical Kinetic Reaction Mechansims.
    PurposeOntological representation of chemical kinetics, chemistry of materials synthesis, and chemical processes
    PublicationA preprint will be published by early 2019
    CommentsOntoKin/OntoChem represents any chemical process relevant for the development of new materials and offers cross-domain modelling capability and extensibility