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This semantic asset is owned by "Boltzmann-Zuse Society for Computational Molecular Engineering", has an "Conceptual Model" semantic level and a "(C)2018 all rights reserved" license.

Full metadata

    OwnerBoltzmann-Zuse Society for Computational Molecular Engineering
    License(C)2018 all rights reserved
    Semantic LevelConceptual Model
    Field of Applicationmolecular modelling and simulation
    Language Representationraw descriptive form
    Development Method: Knowledge SourcesMolecular Model Database of the Boltzmann-Zuse Society
    Development Method: ToolsAny intermolecular pair-potential development and optimization methods and tools
    Technical Implementationimplementation in MC or MD solvers, in terms of pair potentials and forces
    Scopenomenclature to be employed for intermolecular pair potentials
    Purposeuse in the Molecular Model Database of the Boltzmann-Zuse Society and any other interoperable codes and assets
    CommentsMaintained by Simon Stephan