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This semantic asset is owned by "ISO", has an "Ontology" semantic level and a "ISO" license.

Full metadata

    Semantic LevelOntology
    Field of ApplicationProcess Industries
    Language RepresentationEXPRESS, OWL 2 and Reference Data Libraries
    Development Method: Knowledge SourcesISO standard
    Development Method: ToolsEPM Visual Express, Turtle
    Technical ImplementationVarious
    ScopeISO 15926-2 provides a Top Level Ontology and Reference Data Library meta-model in EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11), and ISO 15926-12 provides the Top Level Ontology in OWL 2. ISO 15926-4 constitutes a Reference Data Library for the Process Industries.
    PurposeThe integration and sharing of life-cycle data for the process industries including the oil and gas production facilities
    PublicationISO 15926