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This semantic asset is owned by "Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - Information Technology Institute (CERTH/ITI)", has an "Ontology" semantic level and a "permissive" license.

Full metadata

    OwnerCentre for Research and Technology Hellas - Information Technology Institute (CERTH/ITI)
    Semantic LevelOntology
    Field of ApplicationManufacturing and supply chain domains/marketplaces
    Language RepresentationOWL
    Development Method: Knowledge SourcesManufacturing Marketplaces Ontology is a collaborative manufacturing services ontology that imports concepts from other ontologies related to manufacturing and supply chain domains. For manufacturing domain concepts from MSDL ( and MASON ( ontologies are used. For supply chain domain are used concepts from GoodRelations Language (
    Development Method: ToolsProtege
    Technical ImplementationThe Ontology developed by reusing, merging, and re-engineering ontological resources(MSDL, MASON, GoodRelations) based on NeOn methodology ( Protege tool was used for the development of the OWL file.
    Scope1. Representation of manufacturing resources(machines, tools, materials etc) and services. 2. Representation of supply chain entities that participate in a manufacturing related Marketplace.
    PurposeManufacturing Marketplaces Ontology aims to describe manufacturing entities, resources, services and the collaboration schemes in a Marketplace. Furthermore it enables reasoning and semantic matchmaking for smart supplier selection and offers evaluation in a manufacturing Marketplace.
    CommentsManufacturing Marketplaces Ontology is part of COMPOSITION EU project. Full documentation and source files of ontology is public available at the project's website knowledge center (Collaborative Manufacturing Services Ontology documents).