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This semantic asset is owned by "Nikolaos Trokanas", has an "Ontology" semantic level and a "TBD" license.

Full metadata

    OwnerNikolaos Trokanas
    Semantic LevelOntology
    Field of ApplicationBiomass (materials) and processing technologies
    Language RepresentationOWL
    Development Method: Knowledge SourcesResearch
    Development Method: ToolsProtege
    Technical ImplementationReasoned over (model integration for biobased processes portal)
    ScopeBiomass materials described along with processing technologies
    PurposeGuide a user to describe available materials and processes
    PublicationTrokanas, Nikolaos, et al. "BiOnto: An ontology for biomass and biorefining technologies." Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. Vol. 37. Elsevier, 2015. 959-964.