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Taxonda - register your entry here!

Simply copy the text below and fill in the required information for your entry in our registry:

1. Owner :
Jane Doe
2. License :
e.g. permissive, copyleft, commercial
3. Website :
4. Field of Application :
e.g. chemistry, materials, biomedics
5. Semantic Level (1-6) :
1 – List, 2 – Informal Hierarchy, 3 – Thesaurus. 4 – Taxonomy, 5 – Conceptual Model, 6 – Ontology
6. Language :
How the ontology is represented: raw descriptive form (e.g. BFO book), formal reasoner-ready OWL-DL axioms (the EMMO now, or the OWL porting of BFO), First Order Logic statements (e.g. DOLCE) or other languages e.g. KIF.
7. Development Methods | Knowledge Resources :
e.g. public consultation, company internal development, reception of a standard (e.g. UIPAC golbook)
8. Development Methods | Tools :
e.g. editors, reasoners
9. Technical Implementation :
How you practically give life to your ontology by integrating it in an operational environment i.e. the software implementation or integration of the ontology in an existing framework e.g. using a reasoner, or by translating it in another language.
10. Scope :
e.g. materials representation, standard for characterization of materials
11. Purpose :
What you want to do with it, e.g. pre-knowledge for data mining, database linking. AI for categorization of signals (e.g. image recognition), guide a user to express its user case and finding modelling solutions (i.e. the EMMO)

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