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Tag: intop2017

EMMC Workshop on Interoperability in Materials Modelling – IntOP2017

Discussion notes and all talks are available in the event page!



Date: 7-8 November 2017

VenueSt John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge

Materials Modelling has become an essential part of research, development, engineering and upscaling of advanced materials in a wide range of industry sectors. However, the routes to utilising materials modelling and achieving impact can be arduous. For wider use and increased impact, it must become easier to combine and connect different models and codes as well as models, workflows and data. Also, connections and routes in between different actors require improvement, calling for ‘digital marketplaces’ where the different stakeholders can interact more easily. Integration of materials modelling into the R&D enterprise in the age of Industry 4.0 requires the whole field to step back and work together on interoperability solutions that go much beyond stringing together workflows with syntactically based scripting. It calls for interoperability solutions that are based on semantic approaches with metadata backed up by an ontology framework.