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Tag: industrial case study

EMMC Translation Case: Nanomatch

Nanomatch is a Software Company (SME) located in Germany ( The Company provides predictive & parameter-free simulation tools for virtual materials design and computer based device optimization in organic electronics, implemented in a seamless workflow using electronic, atomistic, and continuum models.

The translation case describes the process of the integration of combining multiple models on the electronic, molecular and device scale into a seamless, predictive multi-scale workflow in industry.

Nanomatch used the multiscale approach, where information on the electronic scale (quantum mechanical computations of molecules) is transferred via the atomistic scale (molecular layers) to the device scale in four simulation steps.

The expected outcome of the translation process is the large-scale in-house application of state-of-the-art models by the client, in order to allow simulations on systems that include proprietary materials.


thumbnail of Translation Case Nanomatch