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RoMM V. 6

Version 6 of the Review of Materials Modelling (RoMM 6) is now published on the bookshop website click here!ROMM V 6 Based on the analyses of modelling done in projects in the H2020 and via numerous discussions with the field, this review aims to define the necessary concepts and to classify them. This Review proposes names for these concepts which harmonise the language of modelling sub-fields. The common language is hoped to foster dialogue and mutual understanding between industrial end-users, software developers and theoreticians. This common language can in the future form the basis for an ontology with a formal language of materials modelling and a definition of the relation between the concepts. Such an ontology can then be a basis for metadata development necessary for a Modelling Market Place.

The scope and achievements of the modelling in 36 projects are presented with this harmonised language.  For a review of modelling in 100  projects funded in the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013) by the NMP Programme we refer to the fifth version of this Review click here!.

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