Based on intensive and numerous consultation and networking actions with representatives of all stakeholders the EMMC identifies and proposes a set of underpinning and enabling actions to increase the industrial exploitation of materials modelling in Europe. These are regularly summarised in the EMMC Roadmap for materials modelling.

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The second update of the RoadMap (released November 2011) proposes new topics aimed at the 2018-2020 NMBP Programme.  This roadmap is also based on an extensive EMMC open survey collecting views on what materials modelling developments are required in order to respond to the application needs of the European industry. The inputs collected via this survey were used to lay-out the groundwork for elaborating the EMMC RoadMap 2018-2020, a process which started during a meeting in Brussels on 20th May 2016, with participation (by invitation) of many active survey contributors.

 Analysis of the Survey

Analysis of the EMMC survey and discussion notes for the Roadmapping meeting on the 20th of May 2016 have been published by the EMMC OMB: Survey-materials-modelling-development_v05

The Roadmap Meeting and Discussions

The Agenda of the Roadmap meeting can be found here: Final Agenda EMMC Roadmap Meeting May 20 2016

A report from the Roadmap meeting and presentations can be found here:

Further discussions on the updated topics were conducted on the online collaborative mediawiki platform of the EMMC open to all participate registered (you can register to participate in future EMMC actions by filling an application form here:

Previous Roadmaps:

The EMMC consolidated its first Roadmap for Materials Modelling following a special meeting on 4.2.2015 in Covent Garden, Brussels.

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