Roadmap Updates for 2018-2020 Topics

Based on intensive efforts in the 2014 and 2015 which included numerous consultation and networking actions with representatives of all stakeholders the EMMC identified and proposed a set of underpinning and enabling actions to increase the industrial exploitation of materials modelling in Europe. These are summarised in the EMMC RoadMap.

The EMMC seeks to update its RoadMap for Materials Modelling to propose new input and topics aimed at recommendations for the 2018-2020 NMBP Programme.

Therefore the EMMC has kicked-off a new networking exercise to collect feedback from all EMMC members.

This includes online discussions open to all members on the EMMC Collaborative Wiki:

All EMMC Members are strongly encouraged to contribute ideas!

Note: a valid EMMC membership and wiki account are necessary, please register if you do not have one yet:

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