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Report on first horizontal workshop on Metadata/Interoperability and Roadmap contributions (D2.11)


Within the first horizontal workshop – also called EMMC International Workshop 2017 (Vienna, April 5-7, 2017) –  one plenary presentation and three discussion sessions have been organised by members of EMMC-CSA WP2 – Interoperability and Integration.

The plenary presentation was given by Emanuele Ghedini, University of Bologna, Italy, entitled: MODA, a common ground for MOdeling DAta generalization: introduction, use case and possible improvements. The three session topics were:

  • Vocabulary and taxonomy for improved community integration, communication and interoperability (Session2)
  • Ontologies and metadata schema and their implementations (Session 5)
  • Pragmatic approaches to interoperability: implementations, realisations and scenarios of practical relevance (Session 8)

Discussion Notes were prepared and circulated to all participants in advance of the workshop. The questions in the Discussion Notes were also circulated via an online survey, enabling stakeholder feedback before and following the workshop.

The document provides an overview of the WP2 sessions and the feedback received from stakeholders answering the survey. Recommendations for the next edition of the EMMC Roadmap are given.

thumbnail of EMMC-CSA_ D2.11_final-public Full version of D2.11

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