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Professional Software Deployment Working Group

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The “Professional Software Deployment” Working Group aims to stimulate and support the industrial exploitation of materials modelling software and innovations in Europe. End-users require a choice of reliable software solutions, integrating innovative methods resulting from research in academic, government laboratories and commercial companies with industrial deployment standards such as general applicability, thorough validation, consistent accuracy, ease of use, interoperability, documentation, training, and long-term commitment to support and updates. An essential component for the successful industrial exploitation of modelling software is the connection with experimental public and proprietary data.



  1. Create and maintain a forum for academic code developers and different commercial software companies to interact
  2. Build guidelines and standard practices for software development, including documentation, testing and support
  3. Provide guidelines for software licensing and elaborate business models for sustainable software exploitation in materials modelling, covering individual codes, packages and simulation platforms
  4. Monitor international developments related to software development, exploitation and deployment and provide feedback to the consortium



OTM: Erich Wimmer. Materials Design, LeMans, France


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