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Join us and help shape Europe’s material modelling vision

The EMMC is a bottom-up initiative! In practice this means that anybody can start an activity.


  • The best way to become active is to look at the pages of the Working Groups and their charters.
  • Join the working group of your interest by inscribing on the EMMC members website if you feel that you can make valuable contributions to the field.
  • Use the EMMC-Marketplace social networking components to connect with the  Operational Team Manager and other members of the group!
  • Agree your part in the work plan with them and participate in the discussions in the EMMC Marketplace forums.
  • You think a new working group should be started? Then gather people around you who want to work with you on this new topic (without being funded). You should elaborate a charter where you describe how you bring your ideas alive in concrete activities and propose your working group and charter to the Operational Management Board of the EMMC.
  • Once the working groups are underway,  European wide industrial endorsement should be sought. This will be organised by the EMMC Operational Management Board (OMB) in yearly meetings with industrial participation for topics proposed and worked out during the year.

The EMMC is welcoming your active enthusiastic participation! The EMMC can only grow if people make the effort to turn their ideas into reality!


What does Participation in the EMMC mean?

The wider European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) is a bottom-up organisation supported by the EMMC-CSA. While the EMMC-CSA is a H2020 project, the wider EMMC community is open to all stakeholders in Europe. Your benefits:

  • Invitation to workshops and conferences to engage in roadmap discussions
  • Influence the general direction of the EMMC
  • Contribute to standardisation actions and interoperability
  • Participation in European and international networking actions
  • Contribute feedback and input to all working groups


How to join

Register here.