You can join us and help shape Europe’s Material Modelling vision, here is how:

The EMMC is a bottom-up organisation! In practice this means that anybody can start an activity.join us!

  • The best way to become active is to look at the Charters of existing EMMC Working Groups.
  • If you feel your ideas are an extension of one of the WGs you can join that WG by inscribing on the EMMC members website (registration form at Then please agree your part in the work plan with them and participate to the discussions on the wiki pages (, open for registered members only).
  • If you feel a new working group should be started, you should find people who want to work with you on this new topic (without being funded). You should then elaborate a Charter.  You will find inspiration in the Charters (see the WG pages) on how to elaborate your ideas into concrete activities that you could execute in the coming time. Please propose this WG+Charter to the Operational Management Board of the EMMC (OMB).
  • Once the working groups are underway,  European wide industrial endorsement should be sought. This will be organised by the EMMC Operational Management Board (OMB) in yearly meetings with industrial participation for topics proposed and worked out during the year.
  • The EMMC can only grow if people make the effort to turn their ideas into reality and the EMMC is welcoming your active enthusiastic participation!



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