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Contact person: Pietro Asinari

This working group is a sub-group of the discrete WG.

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The Full Charter of the WG is available as a pdf document here


Mesoscopic models describe the behaviour of nanoparticles and grains, groups of atoms, and with these models phenomena can be described at meso length scales (nm) up to macro scales (mm). Such models, as they are of the supra-atomic type, average out uninteresting or fast details of the atomic motions or replace them by mean-field characteristics (dielectric constant, Debye length, viscosity, friction coefficient) and stochastic terms.Mesoscopic modeling involves a quite heterogeneous and broad range of competences and/or backgrounds. There is a strong need to develop an exhaustive survey of different mesoscopic approaches, to understand the key underlying ideas and to highlight their advantages, limits and drawbacks. There is a need to recognize qualitatively similar ideas and modeling approaches, to identify overlaps, and to identify complementarities, in order to fully explore the potential and to get sufficient recognition. Also a common language of formulation might be needed.


The objective for the team is to identify, rationalize and compare different mesoscopic models and to cast them in the context of making materials modeling an integrated part in industrial processes. Bottom-up activities and provision of policy input to funding schemes (EU, national, international, etc.) will be undertaken.The critical outcome of the team effort is the completion of Road Map for encouraging integration of mesoscopic models for materials into solutions for industrial challenges, delivering a direct impact on the competitiveness of the EU industry base. Start of bottom-up activities if necessary.

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