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Two New EU Marketplaces are in development

Starting 1.1.2018 two new H2020 NMBP projects have commenced aiming at developing a Materials Modelling Marketplace. These two projects are complimentary in many aspects and cover different application domains. More information is coming soon… and

Materials Modelling Marketplaces are emerging platforms that provide all stakeholders: modellers, industry and translators – ample opportunities to interact, collaborate online and conduct transactions. Marketplaces host various services such as:

  • Match making e.g., helping industry find and connect with modellers and experts (and
    vice versa),
  • Modelling services e.g., as simulation tools as Software as a Service (SaaS) that enable industry to run and perform simulations online without the hassle of local installations, thus cutting licensing and maintenance costs,
  • Development and use of customized simulation tools, workflows and Apps, e.g.,
    enabling industry connecting to modellers to develop customized solutions for their
    workflows and providing this on the Marketplace platform or on premises behind a
  • Training and education services,
  • Data repositories and curation solutions,
  • Collaboration services,
  • And much more…

Emerging Marketplaces should foster an ecosystem integrating all stakeholders and relevant or beneficial information in a sustainable and efficient manner. Marketplaces provide novel business opportunities for exploitation of modelling knowledge and related data.

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