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The EMMC elaborates roadmaps that identify major obstacles to widening the use of materials modelling in European industry and proposes strategies to overcome them.

The EMMC Roadmap is based on input from all stakeholders, including industry end users and materials modelling communities identifying gaps and actions in order to support the increased utilisation of materials modelling in industry.

Members of the EMMC are invited and actively encouraged to participate in workshops, surveys, online discussions and EMMC actions to give their input on the future roadmaps. Check the participation page on how to become a member!

Please provide your feedback on the Roadmap 2018!

thumbnail of EMMC_Roadmap2018V5a-del                    thumbnail of emmc-roadmap-2016                    thumbnail of EMMC_Roadmap_V3.0.2
Roadmap 2018                                                                                         Roadmap 2016                                                   Roadmap 2015


The first Roadmap 2015 was elaborated starting 2014 and published in February 2015 after extensive consultation exercises that included online discussions and workshops while activities for the second Roadmap 2016 started in February 2016 and concluded in June 2016, again after an extensive consultation that included an online survey and meetings.

After the EMMC International Workshop 2017 the preparation of the next roadmap was started based on the reported results of this major EMMC event. The outcome of smaller EMMC events like focused workshops, expert group meetings and surveys during 2017/2018 have been included into the EMMC Roadmap 2018 which was published in September 2018.

The EMMC releases the EMMC Roadmap 2018 for Materials Modelling and Informatics. This roadmap originated from the outcome of the ...
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Vision Beyond H2020

The EMMC produced a presentation based on extensive community feedback for Materials Modelling Vision Beyond H2020 You are welcome to ...
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EMMC Roadmap 2016

The EMMC releases the second updated EMMC Roadmap for Materials Modelling proposing new topics aimed at the 2018-2020 NMBP Programme ...
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Meeting to Discuss the EMMC Open Survey 2016 The EMMC started in April 2016 an open survey to collect views ...
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The EMMC endorses the modelling activities in the Roadmap on Toxicity: "Promoting the use of physics/chemistry-based materials modelling in assessing ...
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Note: This survey is closed! In this open survey you are invited to provide your views on what materials modelling ...
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Roadmap Open Survey 2016

Note: The survey is currently closed! The EMMC started an open survey to collect views on what materials modelling developments ...
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Based on intensive efforts in the 2014 and 2015 which included numerous consultation and networking actions with representatives of all ...
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The first revision of the consolidated EMMC Roadmap for Materials Modelling has been released with small revisions to the Translators section, table ...
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Roadmap 2015 Endorsement

 The EMMC endorses the final consolidated 2015 “Roadmap for Materials Modelling ” The EMMC concluded its first Road Map for ...
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