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Interoperability and Repositories Advisory Group – IRAG

Working group area for registered members only (log-in required)

IRAG is the Interoperability and Repositories Advisory Group. IRAG members are actively involved in the discussions on Review of Materials Modelling updates and the CEN Workshop Agreement. Further, their input regarding specifications and design of the overall EMMC Marketplace platform is highly valued.

The IRAG online group for discussions is here.

IRAG Leadership Team:

Susanna Monti (CNR)

Peter Schiffels (IFAM)

Alison Walker (Bath University)

Wolfgang Wenzel (KIT)

IRAG Members:

Doaa Altarawy (MOLSSI)

Giovanni Barcaro (CNR)

Colin Batchelor (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Amit Bhave (CMCL Innovations)

Evgeny Blokhin (Tilde Materials Informatics)

Vincenzo Carravetta (IPCF)

Jesús Carrete Montaña (TU Wien)

Lucio Colombi Ciacchi (University Bremen)

Stijn Donders (Siemens PLM Software)

Lukasz Figiel (Warwick University)

David Gao (Nanolayers)

Saulius Grazulis (Vilnius University – Institute of Biotechnology)

Hedi Karray (INP Toulouse- ENIT / Federal University of Toulouse)

Teodoro Laino (IBM CH)

Piotr Maciol (AGH Krakow)

Sami Majaniemi (VTT)

Heiner Oberkampf (Osthus)

Nicola Spallanzani (CINECA)

Chris Thompson (IBM UK)

Zachary Trautt (NIST)

Liliang Wang (Imperial College London)

Benedikt Ziebarth (Robert Bosch GmbH)

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