OTM: Gerhard Goldbeck

Vice-OTM : David Cebon, Stijn Donders

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The mission of the Interoperability Working Group is to address the lack of interoperability and integration at the level of communities, terminology, metadata, semantics and simulation platforms and facilitate an integrated materials modelling ecosystem. Interoperability and integration entails agreeing on a core set of common nomenclature and metadata schema so that information can easily flow around and is categorised and searched in a unified manner.

First steps

The WG is building on previous and ongoing actions such as the EU Multiscale Materials Modelling Cluster (EUMC) in order to coordinate the implementation of Open Simulation Platforms that support plug-and-play operation across different models, databases and the sub-disciplines of materials modelling. It builds on the terminology established in the Review of Materials Modelling (RoMM), the Organisation of Modelling Data (MODA) and Metadata proposed by the EMMC to further develop, support and coordinate the use of a common terminology and representation of models, methods and applications across the different areas of materials modelling. It will bring communities together and support an easier integration of tools.

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The Full Charter of the WG is available as a pdf document here (Coming soon!)

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