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Interoperability and Integration Working Group

Building on the terminology established in the Review of Materials Modelling (RoMM) for the organisation of Modelling Data (MODA) the EMMC further develops, supports and coordinate the use of a common terminology and representation of models, methods and applications across the different areas of materials modelling.

The aim is to bring communities together and support an easier integration of tools.


  1. Engage in awareness raising campaigns highlighting the benefits and impact of model and database interoperability and of widely endorsed data standards and metadata schemas for boosting and enabling new breakthroughs in the way materials modelling paradigms can be applied for the increased integration of modelling in industry.
  2. Engage with the entire stakeholder community, starting from the wider EMMC and existing and future EU funded projects to elaborate modelling metadata and to collect requirements for common language and data standards for syntactic, semantic and community interoperability levels covering all types of materials modelling and data
  3. Develop and implement a reference design of common unified universal data and standards for interface wrappers based on syntactic and semantic interoperability and based on the European Materials Modelling Ontology (EMMO) for development of integrated workflow platforms that support model and data integration to boost efficiency of use and ease of translation hence making materials models and related data more accessible and usable to industry.
  4. Develop the requirements, reference design and implementation of generic Open Simulation Platform architecture based on interoperability principles building on the work carried out in previous EU FP7 and ongoing H2020 projects

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Gerhard Goldbeck

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