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How To Use the MODA-App


Login and Register

Go to the MODA portal to login or register.

If you don’t have an EMMC account you need to register first. Click on “Register” (1.) or go to the registration page. Fill out the registration form and wait for approval. As soon as your member request gets accepted you can login to the MODA-App.

If you already have an EMMC account click “Authorize” (2.) and enter your username and password. Click “Log In” again and then “Authorize” again.

Create a MODA

On the MODA Dashboard click on “Create Moda”. You will get redirected to an empty form where you can enter the required information. Please make sure you save the MODA before leaving the page, otherwise your changes will be lost.

Add as many Models (normal or tightly coupled) as you like by clicking on “Add Model” or “Add Tightly Coupled Model”. You can expand each Model and each Model section and add information (1. + 2.). To delete a Model click on “Remove” (3.).

Physics Equations and Materials Relations
If you want to add physics equations to a model go to the “Generic Physics of the Model Equation(1.) section and click on “Add a Set” (2.). Next add an equation to the set by clicking “Add Equation” (3.). Now you can select a main type and insert the information and equations of the model (4.).

If you want to add a material relation to the model go to the “Generic Physics of the Model Equation” section and click on “Add.” Then you can insert the information in the appeared fields.

Click on “Remove” if you want to delete the equation/relation. You are asked to confirm the deletion. We recommend to save the changes afterwards.

LaTeX formulas
To paste or edit LaTeX formulas from MS Word click on the “how-to” link or go to this page(

Linking and Coupling
If you add two or more models to the MODA you can link and/or couple them. The corresponding model will be updated automatically.

Workflow Plot
To see the MODA workflow click on “Moda Workflow Plot”, which will expand the workflow section (1.). Next click the button “Click Here to Update Workflow Plot” to update the workflow (2.).

Make sure you save the Moda before closing or leaving the page by clicking on the “Save”-button at the top of the form. You now should be able to see the MODA on your dashboard (it will ask you to save again if you go back to the dashboard).

MODA Dashboard

The dashboard will list all the MODAs you created or you collaborate on.

Add Collaborators
If you want to add collaborators to a MODA go to the dashboard and click on the collaborators icon. Now you can type in the name in the search field and the person will show up automatically if it’s registered on the EMMC webpage.

View, Edit, Copy or Delete a MODA

To edit or copy a MODA go to your dashboard and click on the corresponding button.

If you want to view the MODA or print/export it to PDF click on the view button, which will redirect you to the viewpage. Now you can view the MODA, print it or choose to make an PDF export instead of the print.

To delete a MODA click the delete button on the Moda dashboard. You are asked if you want to confirm the deletion. Once you confirm it, there is no possibility to restore it.

Load More
You are working on many Modas, but not all of them show up on your dashboard? Click the “Load More” button on the bottom of the dashboard to load more Modas.


We are always pleased to receive your questions, suggestions and feedback. To send us an EMail to click on the “EMail”-button which you will find at the footer of each page of the MODA-App or fill out this form.

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