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Track: MIA.4 – “Industrial mathematics infrastructures around the world to promote industry-academia collaborations”


Within the framework of the EMMC, H2020 Projects “FORCE”, “MarketPlace”, and VIMMP” are taking part in the Minisymposium at ICIAM 2019, July 16, 2019, Valencia – Spain


Minisymposium ““Molecular and Mesoscopic Modelling in Chemical Engineering Data Science”

Reaching quantitative agreement with available experimental data, and predicting properties where data are absent, molecular and mesoscopic modelling transforms chemical engineering data science.

This minisymposium discusses virtual marketplaces and platforms by which the knowledge from multiscale modelling and simulation can be transferred to engineering practice. This requires an institutionalized collaboration between academic and industrial engineering, scientific computing, and applied mathematics, and jointly governed semantic assets to ensure the interoperability of models, numerical solvers, and databases.

Initiatives working toward this (FORCE, MarketPlace, and VIMMP) are represented at the minisymposium jointly with translators who connect method development with engineering practice.

Detailed information on the programme of the Minisymposium!!

thumbnail of minisymposium-programme



Projects are funded within the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
FORCE – Grant Agreement No. 721027
VIMMP – Grant Agreement No. 760907
MarketPlace – Grant Agreement No. 760173

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