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EMMC-CSA: BDSS Expert’s Meeting

Date(s) - Tuesday, March 27, 2018
9:30 am - 4:00 pm


The EMMC-CSA project is presenting the Expert’s Meeting on Business Decision Support System

Objectives of the Meeting

  1. Consolidation of needs/requirements to integrate materials modelling in the BDSS of manufacturing organizations
  2. Gain feedback for implementation strategies (NMBP-23-2016 projects, research and commercial offerings)
  3. Gain insight on best practices for materials modelling integration in business decision-making for materials/product/process design


Fraunhofer EU-Office

94, Rue Royale (Philanthropy House)
1000 Brussels, Belgium


The Meeting is an ‘invitation-only’ event for about 20-25 academic and industrial materials modelling experts.

Report & Presentations

thumbnail of EMMC-CSA-BDSS-Expert-Meeting-2018-Report PU-WEB

thumbnail of DOW – Business Decision Support System (BDSS) – EMMC website

Hein Koelman, DOW

thumbnail of Airbus – Business Decision Support System (BDSS) – EMMCwebsite

 Jean-Luc Leon-Dufour, Airbus

thumbnail of DataStories – Business Decision Support System (BDSS) – EMMCwebsite

Katya Vladislavleva, Data Stories  

thumbnail of SiemensPLM – Business Decision Support System (BDSS) – EMMCwebsite

Stijn Donders, Siemens

thumbnail of VTT – Business Decision Support System (BDSS) – EMMC website

Sami Majaniemi, VTT


Topic Time (CET) Duration (min) Presenter Expected Outcome
Welcome & Introductions 09:30 00:10 David Cebon (Granta Design) Round table introductions,
Meeting overview
Introduction to EMMC-CSA, BDSS 09:40 00:20 Anne De Baas (EC)

Tom Verbrugge (DOW)

Overview of EC vision for materials modelling

Overview of BDSS methodology

Flash Talks – Session 1

(15 min/talk)

10:00 01:00 Hein Koelman (DOW)

Ali Karimi (Continental)

Jean-Luc Leon-Dufour (Airbus)

Katya Vladislavleva (Data Stories)

Review of implemented BDSS by end-users
Break 11:00 00:20    
Discussion Session 1 11:20 01:00 Sessions led by GRANTA, GCL, DOW with participation of delegates Objective: Consolidated BDSS Definition and Requirements

  • Key Attributes
  • Type of projects
  • KPIs of a BDSS
Group photo & Lunch 12.20 00:50    
Flash Talks – Session 2

(15 min/talk)

13:10 01:10 Peter Klein (ITWM Fraunhofer, FORCE project)

Salim Belouettar (LIST, COMPOSELECTOR project)

Sami Majaniemi (VTT)

Stijn Donders (Siemens)

Review of BDSS strategies by tool owners
Break 14.20 00:10    
Discussion Session 2 14:30 01:00 Sessions led by GRANTA, GCL, DOW with participation of delegates Objective: Analysis of BDSS strategies presented in Flash Talks
Break 15.30 00:10    
Summary Session 15:40 00:20  Gerhard Goldbeck (GCL)
  • Review of the day
  • Next EMMC-CSA activities on BDSS
End 16:00      

Event Funding

This event has received funding via the EMMC-CSA Project from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 723867

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