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The Second EC Workshop on Materials and Manufacturing Ontology – ECONTO2

Date(s) - Thursday, June 6, 2019
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

European Commission - CDMA - DG Research & Innovation


This workshop, on invitation only, will take place in Brussels, Champ de Mars building on 6th June 2019, from 9:30 to 17:00.
The purpose of the one-day workshop is to continue the discussion on “materials and manufacturing informatics” more particular about ontologies in this domain.
The goal in the long run is to build and find wide-spread agreement on an ontology that can be the basis of access and interoperability in the NMBP domain.
This will prepare Industry Commons activities in the NMBP domain but also Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Horizon Europe.
The participants are invited to share their knowledge and ideas, and to contribute to the development of the concept. They will share their input as experts on ontologies and/or as interested party with knowledge on a subdomains of the NMBP programme.
A back-to-back meeting organised by the EMMC on the EMMO will take place on the 7th.

Input templates for participants

Participants to this meeting should present their taxonomy/ontology according to this template click here!

Participant input in the form of slides

Participants input in the form of slides addressing the questions in the template above are now available for EMMC members here click here!.  To access the files, please login  first or register (it’s free!)

Background information

  • The elaborate Road Maps that are strongly reflected in the EU work programmes: click here!
  • After the Review of Materials Modelling VI click here!  and its consolidation in to a standard via a CEN/CENELEC click here! procedure.
  • The EMMC is elaborating the taxonomy into an ontology called the European Materials and Modelling Ontology (EMMO). Visit the ontology and interoperability information resources on (coming soon)
  • Two international ontology workshop held in Cambridge in 2017 and Freiburg 2018 and the reports can now be found
  • A report on the first EC ontology workshop on materials modelling and manufacturing ontology can be found here!

More background to ontologies can be found in these documents:



Coming soon!

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