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The First EC Workshop on Materials and Manufacturing Ontology – ECONTO1

Date(s) - Friday, June 29, 2018
9:00 am - 4:30 pm


EC DG RTD organised a workshop for a large number of stakeholders to discuss Materials Ontologies. A wide range of experts found in the EC expert database were invited to send input in the form of three slides. Each expert who sent in input was invited to the meeting.  Some 130 people expressed an interest and 73 experts from 15 countries got together for a full day of presentations and discussions.

EMMC co-organised this event and and was represented by Alexandra Simperler (Goldbeck Consulting), Emanuele Ghedini (Univ Bologna), Gerhard Goldbeck (Goldbeck Consulting), Georg J. Schmitz (ACCESS), Chris Eberl (FRAUNHOFER, IWM), Rudy Koopmans (Koopmans Consulting) and Nadja Adamovic (TU WIEN).

Report on outcome

thumbnail of Materials Ontology Workshop Report


9:00       Importance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in NMBP area   /   Peter Dröll, director NMBP

9:15       Importance of access in the Materials domain   /   Hélène Chraye, HoU AM&N

9:30       Integration in materials domain: a system approach   /   Margrete Hoffmann, MatSearch

9:45       Introduction to ontologies   /   Alex Simperler, Simperler consulting

10:15     Status of materials informatics   /   Anne de Baas, PO AM&N

10:30    Examples of lists of key words

                       Starting ontology work for Market Places   /   VIMMP & Market Place – Silvia Chiacchiera & G.Schmitz

10:40    Show case of taxonomies with some relations

                      SNOMED, a medical taxonomy   /  Alejandro Alija
                      ALLOTROPE,  interface between chemical industry and  suppliers   /   Heiner Oberkampf
                      ENM, a nanotoxicology decision system   /   Egon Willighagen

11:10     Existing ontologies

                     Text mining at Bosch   /   Benedikt Ziebarth
                     Biomass ontology     /   Nikolaos Trokanas
                     Energy management   /   Hendro Wicaksono
                     Characterisation (design and standard protocols)   /   C. Charitidis and Chris Eberl

11:50    Show case of the use of ontologies

                   ONTOKIN, matching chemical reactions and components   /   Amit Bhave
                   Manufacturing platform for product service design   /   Dimitris Kiritsis
                   Nuclear reactor operational decisions   /   Dov Dori
                   Semantic transportation, decision support and  rules expressions for ecolabeling   /   Hedi Karray

12:30-13:00   Lunch break

13:00-14:00      European Materials Modelling Ontology  (EMMO)   /   Emanuele Ghedini, Univ Bologna

14:00-14:30       Purpose of the workshop   /   Gerhard Goldbeck, GCL
                                   – Enlarging the EMMO towards the EMO
                                   – What are the building blocks?
                                   – Modelling, characterisation, processing   (and manufacturing)

15:00-16:00       Participants comments and Discussion   /   Moderator Anne de Baas

16:00-16:30       Establishment of Action Plan (bottom-up Working Group)

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