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The European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC), in the framework of its activities, has recently started a collaboration with the (EU H2020) VIMMP and MARKETPLACE projects. These latter projects aim to design and realize comprehensive online hubs for the materials modelling community, namely marketplaces.

To this goal, the requirements of marketplaces are to be tailored on the specific needs of the perspective users. Among the many services that are currently being planned, the marketplaces will offer a dedicated space to Translation & Training resources. As you may know from previous actions of the EMMC, Translation refers to all those activities required to translate an industrial innovation problem into a modelling activity, successfully bridging the industrial and the academic worlds to create new value.
In order to properly design the Translation and Training resources of the marketplaces, we would like to ask your opinion. A brief questionnaire is presented at the following link:

The survey takes short time to complete, and your contribution will be invaluable in helping us to design and shape the resources and tools that will be available on the marketplaces for Translation. So, we would sincerely appreciate your feedback. We guarantee that your data will be handled only by the EMMC and only for the purpose of this survey, in complete respect of your privacy. 
Thank you in advance for your willingness and cooperation.


The Translation & Training team of the European Materials Modelling Council

Event Funding

This activity has received funding via the EMMC-CSA project
from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under Grant Agreement No 723867

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