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EMMC Translation Case: IK4-TEKNIKER

IK4-TEKNIKER ( is a research organization which main activity is focused on manufacturing. The organization covers four Research areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Surface Engineering, ICTs and Product Engineering.

IK4 – TEKNIKER is a private research organization which main mission is to enhance the positioning and competitiveness of clients through technology transfer. Hence, IK4 – TEKNIKER plays the role of Technology Transfer Institute in the framework of EMMC.

The focus of the industrial problem described in the translation case is the modelling of heat treatment processes on forged gears. Material characterization is the additional point of the translation process provided for a SME. The main application sectors of the client are Defence (Antiaircraft artillery) and Energy (Mobility and power generation and power management).

The translation case demonstrates the benefit for the client to establish a methodology based on modelling and material characterization to be applied for industrial components before the thermal treatment stages on their forged parts.

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