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Session 1
Bridging physics-based and data-driven modelling
Session 2
Digital Transformation of Materials R&D
Session 3
Towards the Translator as a key professional
Session 4
Verification and validation as tools for promoting discrete models in industry
Session 5
Open Modelling Frameworks
Session 6
Translation for and by SMEs
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Session 7
Coupling & Linking of models towards industrial needs
Session 8
International Materials Ontology
Session 9
Training for translators, with emphasis on economic concepts and skills
Session 10
Marketplaces: emerging business opportunities and impact on digital society
Session 11
Progress in the Industrial Deployment of Materials Modelling Software
Session 12
Raising the maturity level of materials modelling adoption in industry
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Session 13
Innovation hubs: foundations of modelling services
Session 14
Business Models for Materials Modelling Software
Session 15
Business Decision Support Systems (BDSS): from concept to implementation
Session 16
Innovation hubs: next generation collaboration and services on marketplaces
Session 17
Open source and commercial software for Industrial Deployment of Materials Modelling Software
Session 18
Increasing the adoption of materials modelling with SMEs
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