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EMMC Expert Meeting on Training requirements for Translators
March 27, 2019 – Hamburg/Germany

Hotel Hafen Hamburg

The EMMC – the European Materials Modelling Council is developing the Translation concept to provide service to the European industry for efficient implementation of modelling to facilitate industrial innovation, novel manufacturing process and agile product marketing.
Within EMMC, translation is considered as the process of translating an industrial challenge/ problem into a solution with the help of modelling. The experts that are performing this process are called Translators. They provide an assistance/ consulting for companies and can be either academics, software owners/engineers, internal employees of the company or independent translators (not related to specific research/industrial institution). The education of new Translators and thus defining the requirements for Training of Translators are acknowledged by the EMMC as important points for the Translation development and growth.

The meeting is an “invitation only” event. The output of the meeting would be used to outline the types of needed translators trainings including the required training material and for the preparation of the rule for Trainers as well as to update the Guide for Translators of EMMC.

EMMC would like to organise a “Come-together-Dinner” for those experts who will arrive in Hamburg already on March 26 (not financially supported by EMMC). If you would like to join us, and visit one of Hamburg’s famous breweries, please indicate your wish within the registration.

Contact – Natalia Konchakova (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany) –


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