Discrete Models

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In order to highlight the important role of discrete models in industry and achieve a broader impact, the discrete modelling working groups (electronic, atomistic, and mesoscopic) has joined forces with the Coupling and Linking WG to form a new Discrete Models WG.

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Electronic  Atomistic  Mesoscopic  Coupling and Linking


European materials-based industries need to have access to models and modelling workflows of a high enough quality, reliability and predictive power such that modelling results will make an economical, environmental or societal difference. Therefore it is important for this WG to, on the one hand, promote the improved and wider exploitation of existing models and workflows, and on the other, promote the development of new, more reliable (yet computationally feasible) models and workflows.


The objective for the team is to identify, rationalize and compare different discrete models and to cast them in the context of making materials modeling an integrated part in industrial processes. Bottom-up activities and provision of policy input to funding schemes (EU, national, international, etc.) will be undertaken.

The Full Charter of the WG is available as a pdf document here.


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