CEN Workshop to establish common terminology in materials modelling

EMMC, in collaboration with the MODENA project (http://modena.units.it/ [icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]), has coordinated the organisation of a CEN Workshop on materials modelling terminology, classification and metadata. The kick-off meeting will take place on January 17-18, 2017 in Brussels. A common terminology in materials modelling should lead to simplified and much more efficient communication and lower the barrier to utilising materials modelling. The end result is the adoption of a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA), a best practices document for further standardisation efforts and input for the development of a future certification scheme.

More information about the workshop and how to get involved can be found directly on the CEN website under the following link: http://www.cen.eu/News/Workshops/Pages/WS_2016-013.aspx [icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]


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