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Materials Modelling for Toxicity – 2016

The EMMC endorses the modelling activities in the Roadmap on Toxicity: “Promoting the use of physics/chemistry-based materials modelling in assessing nanotoxicity for health and medicine”. The document was prepared by an expert group and consolidated during a meeting held in Brussels on April 19th 2016. Goal of the document is preparing an operational proposal for the next EMMC Road Map Meeting about 2018-2020 on May 20th 2016 (

The full document can be found here: MaterialsModelling-for-Nanotoxicity_2016-05-16_v08


Material Modelling Metadata

Materials models are used extensively across the world and to make efficient use of the generated data, a way of categorising them should be developed and agreed: meta-data!

The EMMC invites all stakeholders to join the EMMC and participate in Drafting Metadata for Materials Modelling!

If you are already a member of the EMMC please get in touch with the OTM of any of the WGs to get involved.

If not a member yet, but you still whant to contribute, please follow the instructions in the Participation link to join the EMMC first!

As a first step we are collecting high level metadata both in textual and graphical simple descriptions. Please see the following two templates:


Template Workflow using Metadata

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EMMC revises its Roadmap for Materials

The first revision of the consolidated EMMC Roadmap for Materials Modelling is released with small revisions to the Translators section, table of contents and some minor corrections.

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