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Category: results

all results of the emmc, including economic impacts, deliverables, case studies, etc are here.

EMMC Roadmap 2016

The EMMC releases the second updated EMMC Roadmap for Materials Modelling proposing new topics aimed at the 2018-2020 NMBP Programme.

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This roadmap originated from an extensive EMMC open survey collecting views on what materials modelling developments are required in order to respond to the application needs of the European industry. The inputs collected via this survey were used to lay-out the groundwork for elaborating the EMMC Roadmap 2018-2020, a process which started during a meeting in Brussels on 20th May 2016, with participation of active survey contributors (by invitation).

Analysis of the EMMC survey and discussion notes of the Roadmap Meeting 2016 have been published by the EMMC OMB: Survey Materials Modelling Development


The Roadmap Meeting and Discussions

Agenda EMMC Roadmap Meeting 2016

Report Roadmap Meeting 2016 and presentations

Further discussions on the updated topics were conducted on the online collaborative mediawiki platform of the EMMC open to all registered participants.

Materials Modelling for Toxicity – 2016

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The EMMC endorses the modelling activities in the Roadmap on Toxicity: “Promoting the use of physics/chemistry-based materials modelling in assessing nanotoxicity for health and medicine”. The document was prepared by an expert group and consolidated during a meeting held in Brussels on April 19th 2016. Goal of the document is preparing an operational proposal for the next EMMC Road Map Meeting about 2018-2020 on May 20th 2016



Roadmap 2015 Endorsement

 The EMMC endorses the final consolidated 2015 “Roadmap for Materials Modelling ”

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The EMMC concluded its first Road Map for Materials during a special meeting on the 4th of February 2015 in Covent Garden, Brussels. The meeting was attended by 35 invited experts representing all working groups of the EMMC.


Pictures from the Kick-Off Meeting