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Author: Adham

International Collaboration Workshop

The International Collaboration Workshop, 24-25.Septermber 2015, at Covent Garden, Brussels, Belgium

Unit D3 – Advanced Materials and Nano Technologies of the European Commission and the European Materials Modelling Council EMMC have organised a two-day International Workshop in order to explore the opportunities for International Cooperation between South Korea, Japan, USA and the EMMC.

The EMMC would like to thank all our international partners for the great discussions.

The EMMC wiki is being migrated to a new server with added functionality

We are about to start moving the EMMC wiki content to a new server (the same as

In the meantime, all pages will be viewable but not editable until the move is over.

After the move is complete we shall then reopen the accounts and you will receive a new password.

You may have also noticed in the past few days that the public website has undergone an upgrade and a move to a new site as planned and announced in the November Meeting. We have almost completed copying all pages (except for the registration which will be activated once the new wiki is ready).

Both sites will be still accessible at the same addresses as before ( and

The EMMC is revamping its website. Stay tuned!

The EMMC is revamping its web presence.

This includes new modern website and a new mediawiki site with extra specifically developed functionality to support the internal collaboration workflow in the EMMC (for members). Despite careful planning, moving such a big website, we may face some glitches. We apologize for any inconvenience!

ICME2016 Workshop

The ICMEg consortium announces the date and venue for the “Second Workshop on Software Solutions for ICME” to be held on 12-15 April, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. [9.3.2015]

Roadmap 2015 Endorsement

 The EMMC endorses the final consolidated 2015 “Roadmap for Materials Modelling ”

thumbnail of EMMC_Roadmap_V3.0.2

The EMMC concluded its first Road Map for Materials during a special meeting on the 4th of February 2015 in Covent Garden, Brussels. The meeting was attended by 35 invited experts representing all working groups of the EMMC.


Pictures from the Kick-Off Meeting