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EMMC Survey Analysis Published

The EMMC published the analysis of it’s survey of materials modelling development needs. See this page for more information: Road Map 2018-2020

Materials Modelling for Toxicity – 2016

The EMMC endorses the modelling activities in the Roadmap on Toxicity: “Promoting the use of physics/chemistry-based materials modelling in assessing nanotoxicity for health and medicine”. The document was prepared by an expert group and consolidated during a meeting held in Brussels on April 19th 2016. Goal of the document is preparing an operational proposal for the next EMMC Road Map Meeting about 2018-2020 on May 20th 2016 (

The full document can be found here: MaterialsModelling-for-Nanotoxicity_2016-05-16_v08


CECAM Workshop on Multiscale Simulation: from Materials Through to Industrial Usage

Abstracts are invited for submission by 7th May 2016 to the CECAM Workshop on Multiscale Simulation: from Materials through to Industrial Usage  to be held in Dublin, Ireland from 5 to 7 September 2016:

This is a workshop organised by the EMMC and the cluster of 5+1, also known as the European Multiscale cluster (EuMC), see more information on

Submissions are particularly encouraged highlighting challenges and success in the integration of simulation tools working at different length and/or time scales within open simulation platforms. The meeting features a Plugfest and also oral and poster contributions. Abstracts that demonstrate the development and/or application of multi-scale simulations are invited for contribution to the Plugfest and/or poster/oral sessions.

Abstract submission details can be found at

Workshop organisers:

Eoin O’Reilly (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland)

Joan Adler (Technion Haifa, Israel)

Erica Coenen (TNO Technical Sciences, Materials Solutions Group, The Netherlands)

Heinz A. Preisig (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering Department, Norway)

Shahriar Amini (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Flow Technology Department, Norway)

EMMC survey 2016

The EMMC started an open survey to collect views on what materials modelling developments are required in order to respond to the application needs of the European industry. The inputs collected via this survey will lay the groundwork for elaboration of the EMMC RoadMap 2018-2020, a process which will start during a meeting in Brussels on 20th May 2016, with participation (by invitation) of many active survey contributors.

The Open survey can be accessed under this link:

The second Software Solutions in ICME Workshop

The 2nd International Workshop on Software Solutions in ICME organized by the ICMEg consortium will take place in Barcelona from April 12th  to April 15th.  More than 100 experts from all over the world will discuss on “interoperability” in ICME type simulation settings. More:

EMMC Survey of materials modelling development needs

In this open survey you are invited to provide your views on what materials modelling developments are required in order to respond to the application needs of the European industry. The inputs collected via this survey will lay the groundwork for elaboration of the EMMC RoadMap 2018-2020, a process which will start during a meeting in Brussels on 20th May 2016, with participation (by invitation) of many active survey contributors.

The Open survey can be accessed under this link:


Please feel free to distribute the link to your own network in order to reach an even broader group of stakeholders.

In addition, if  you would like to add your email to the list of stakeholders for future EMMC surveys, please join the EMMC by visiting the participation page at  and filling out the joining EMMC form.

You may also participate in an open discussion on the various topics and propose new ones on the EMMC member wiki here (you need to join the EMMC to receive a user name and password for the member wiki)

The Second EMMC IntOp Workshop, 10.3.2016

More than 100 participants representing all stakeholders (manufacturers, modellers, translators) have attended the EMMC co-organised workshop on “Metadata and Interoperability in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and Multiscale Materials Modelling (MMM)” that was held on Thursday 10 March 2016, 09:20 – 17:00 h at Covent Garden Brussels. More information can be found here.

Industrial Case Studies

Another EMMC objective delivered: The first set of multi-scale, multi-model industrial case studies has been achieved and are available online directly on the EC website.

Roadmap Updates for 2018-2020 Topics

Based on intensive efforts in the 2014 and 2015 which included numerous consultation and networking actions with representatives of all stakeholders the EMMC identified and proposed a set of underpinning and enabling actions to increase the industrial exploitation of materials modelling in Europe. These are summarised in the EMMC RoadMap.

The EMMC seeks to update its RoadMap for Materials Modelling to propose new input and topics aimed at recommendations for the 2018-2020 NMBP Programme.

Therefore the EMMC has kicked-off a new networking exercise to collect feedback from all EMMC members.

This includes online discussions open to all members on the EMMC Collaborative Wiki:

All EMMC Members are strongly encouraged to contribute ideas!

Note: a valid EMMC membership and wiki account are necessary, please register if you do not have one yet:

EMMC gets spotted by the Dutch NRK Magazine!

The NRK Magazine of the Dutch rubber and plastics industry has highlighted in it’s December issue the Review of Materials Modelling and the activities of the EMMC to promote a more efficient use of Materials Modelling in industry.

See original page and a direct link to the English text.

IM2B: The EMMC International Material Modelling Board

The participants of the EMMC International Collaboration Workshop, 24-25.Septermber 2015, at Covent Garden, Brussels, Belgium from South Korea, Japan, USA and the EMMC agreed to establish the International Material Modelling Board (IM2B) to continue as a channel of communication and interaction between all material modelling actions happening in each geography.

More information can be found here:


Material Modelling Metadata

Materials models are used extensively across the world and to make efficient use of the generated data, a way of categorising them should be developed and agreed: meta-data!

The EMMC invites all stakeholders to join the EMMC and participate in Drafting Metadata for Materials Modelling!

If you are already a member of the EMMC please get in touch with the OTM of any of the WGs to get involved.

If not a member yet, but you still whant to contribute, please follow the instructions in the Participation link to join the EMMC first!

As a first step we are collecting high level metadata both in textual and graphical simple descriptions. Please see the following two templates:


Template Workflow using Metadata

See Also:

Guidance for open LEIT calls

What could “participation to the European modelling market place initiatives”  mean in practice?

What could “contribution to the EMMC (European Materials Modelling Council)” mean in practice?

In the Introduction to the LEIT WP 2016-2017 (page 6 of 114) it states “Proposers should consider participation in open data pilot (mandatory for modelling topics) and the European modelling market place initiatives (reference to the 2017 topic).”

Within the texts of   NMBP-23-2016 (page 75 of 114) and NMBP-25-2017 (page 79 of 114) it states “Projects are expected to contribute actively to on-going activities e.g. in the EMMC (European Materials Modelling Council), and EU funded clusters.”

You can find more information on the bottom-up, non-funded European Materials Modelling Council EMMC on the website

On this website there is a Roadmap with a section on the Modelling Market Place initiative (There is an explicit reference to a modelling market place in topic NMBP-25-2017.)

Initiatives and activities are the elaboration and use of standards for vocabulary and classes of models, guidance on software engineering and metadata

Software quality and protection: advice for LEIT proposals

Software Quality and protection

Software engineering quality measures are recommended to be included in the proposed work plan. Please see the Software Quality Advice for Academics, a document released by the EMMC for more information.

Software engineering quality measures should be taken as part of the proposed work plan. Please see the document released by the EMMC for more information.

International Cooporation Workshop

The International Collaboration Workshop, 24-25.Septermber 2015, at Covent Garden, Brussels, Belgium

Unit D3 – Advanced Materials and Nano Technologies of the European Commission and the European Materials Modelling Council EMMC have organised a two-day International Workshop in order to explore the opportunities for International Cooperation between South Korea, Japan, USA and the EMMC.

The EMMC would like to thank all our international partners for the great discussions.

EMMC will present at the International CAE Conference, Verona, Italy

Peter Klein will present an invited talk about the EMMC at the International CAE conference, Verona, Italy held in October 19’th-20’th 2015. Title of the talk: EMMC and the value chain: CAE upstream to Materials. See for more information.


The EMMC wiki is being migrated to a new server with added functionality

We are about to start moving the EMMC wiki content to a new server (the same as

In the meantime, all pages will be viewable but not editable until the move is over.

After the move is complete we shall then reopen the accounts and you will receive a new password.

You may have also noticed in the past few days that the public website has undergone an upgrade and a move to a new site as planned and announced in the November Meeting. We have almost completed copying all pages (except for the registration which will be activated once the new wiki is ready).

Both sites will be still accessible at the same addresses as before ( and

The EMMC is revamping its website. Stay tuned!

The EMMC is revamping its web presence. This includes new modern website and a new mediawiki site with extra specifically developed functionality to support the internal collaboration workflow in the EMMC (for members). Despite careful planning, moving such a big website, we may face some glitches. We apologize for any inconvenience!

International EMMC Worshop

The EMMC announces an International workshop on collaborations between EU, USA and Asia in the field of Materials Modelling, to be held on the 24th of September 2015 in Covent Garden, Brussels.

EMMC revises its Roadmap for Materials

The first revision of the consolidated EMMC Roadmap for Materials Modelling is released with small revisions to the Translators section, table of contents and some minor corrections.

New IntOP Working Group

The EMMC establishes a new Working Group on Interoperability with Dr. Adham Hashibon as OTM, Dr. Stijn Donders and Prof. David Cebon as Vice OTMs, check it out

ICME2016 Workshop

The ICMEg consortium announces the date and venue for the “Second Workshop on Software Solutions for ICME” to be held on 12-15 April, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. [9.3.2015]

EMMC Consolidates its Roadmap for Materials Modelling

The EMMC consolidates its first Roadmap for Materials Modelling special meeting on 4.2.2015 in Covent Garden, Brussels

EMMC Advice for LEIT Proposers

The EMMC publishes that can be found here: “Advice for LEIT proposals”.

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