Advice for LEIT Proposers

EMMC Guidance for LEIT Proposers

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Review of materials modelling Version 6

The EMMC strongly advises all LEIT proposers to adhere to the RoMM Language and the CEN Workshop Agreement “Materials modelling – terminology, classification and metadata wherever possible.

According to Horizon 2020 Work Programme (see section 7):

Where materials modelling is proposed, the relevant work packages should be described similarly to the Review of Material Modelling (RoMM).

If new software is developed, the software engineering quality should be covered.

Proposers are encouraged to contribute actively to ongoing activities, e.g. in the EMMC (European Materials Modelling Council), and EU funded clusters.

Additional Resources for Proposers

The CEN Workshop Agreement Materials modelling – terminology, classification and metadata provides additional resource to proper use of community driven standard for the documentation and description of materials modelling that adheres to the Review of Material Modelling (RoMM).

Information, templates and examples of MODA workflows.

Moreover, not only the modelling objectives (the phenomena to be simulated) but also the modelling approach (the models and their input/output relation, i.e., the “workflows”) may be described using the MODA workflow.

EMMC guidance for software

Software engineering quality measures are recommended to be included in the proposed work plan. Please see the Software Quality Advice for Academics, a document released by the EMMC for more information. Software engineering quality measures should be taken as part of the proposed work plan.

EMMC guidance on data sharing

Huge amounts of data exist and large parts are non-confidential and could be of use to others. The EC and also the EMMC are developing ways to facilitate increased availability of this data. LEIT proposers are asked to consider participation in open data pilot (see open access to research data and data management plans in the general introduction to H2020 WP 2018-2020), EMMC ontology activities ( and/or the European Marketplace initiative.