EMMC International WorkShop 2017


The EMMC announces the EMMC International Workshop 2017, which will be held on 5-7 April 2017, Vienna, Austria. The workshop has the goal to boost the networking of European and International stakeholders and to provide a communication platform across different stakeholder communities.

You are welcome to contribute to the discussions and results of the EMMC workshop!

For each session in the workshop a set of discussion notes have been prepared by Work Package Leaders. These will form, as the name suggests, the basis for discussion during the sessions. The output of these discussions, in the form of direct feedback from participants in the session will be consolidated into the next update of the EMMC Road Map for Materials Modelling .

Please check this link for the discussion notes

Even if you are not participant in the workshop you can still contribute!

A survey addressing the discussion notes above with additional points from the workshop discussions will be open for all! In this way the EMMC will allow everyone and every stakeholder to contribute! all you need to do is to register to the EMMC and you will be invited to contribute!.

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