Open Call for a Materials Modelling Translators EC-EMMC Workshop


The EMMC and the European commission (DG R&I LEIT Unit D3 AM&N) plan an EC-EMMC workshop for Translators in September 2017 at the offices of the European Commission DG RTD NMBP programme in Brussels.

Translators are any stakeholder (universities, Research or Technology Organisations), Consultants, Software owners (both commercial and academic or open source, etc.) who analyse industrial problems and identify the parts that can be solved economically and efficiently by simulation based on materials modelling.

The workshop aim is to outline training material for translators and will discuss how European activities undertaken by the EMMC and local activities (on the national or regional levels) between translators and SMEs in the Member States can complement each other.

The Goal is to identify synergies between translator communities on all levels to increase the utilisation of advanced European materials modelling to boost European manufacturing, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s).

We would like to invite all TRANSLATORS to express interest by contributing feedback in advance of the workshop. To this end, please consider filling out at least one of these three short surveys questionnaires:

(After analysing the feedback, the EC and EMMC will compose a list of participants to be invited to participate!)

Please fill out the questionnaires before the end of May 2017, so that we have time to plan and prepare the relevant discussion issues for the meeting in September.

Note: We plan to reimburse the travel expenses of the first replies!

If you have any questions please contact Anne de Baas (Programme Officer) or Nadja Adamovic (EMMC-CSA Coordinator).

The European materials modelling council (EMMC) is a community driven bottom-up action to connect all existing material modelling activities and stakeholders in Europe.

The EMMC announces the EMMC International Workshop 2017 (link to separate website), which will be held on 5-7 April 2017, Vienna, Austria. The workshop has the goal to boost the networking of European and International stakeholders and to provide a communication platform across different stakeholder communities.

You are welcome to contribute to the discussions and results of the EMMC workshop!

For each session in the workshop a set of discussion notes have been prepared by Work Package Leaders. These will form, as the name suggestes, the basis for discussion during the sessions. The output of these discussions, in the form of direct feedback from participants in the session will be consolidated into the next update of the EMMC Road Map for Materials Modelling. 

Please check this link for the discussion notes

Even if you are not participant in the workshop you can still contribute!

A survey addressing the discussion notes above with additional points from the workshop discussions will be open for all! In this way the EMMC will allow everyone and every stakeholder to contribute! all you need to do is to register to the EMMC and you will be invited to contribute! 


  • Wide stakeholder consultation
  • Stimulate complementary activities to what already exists
  • Stimulate exploitation of existing materials modelling expertise
  • Stimulate model development necessary for industrial applications
  • Provide inputs for EC future visions/plans

Policy and Roadmaps: The Council aims to play a major role in providing input to the LEIT Policy on research road mapping in materials modeling.

Operational Activities

The other branch of the Council is executing work. Some Council activities can be done with the current funding streams. Some preparatory work for new activities can be done by the Council to prepare the field for new tasks.

The EMMC aims to network with all existing materials modelling related activities in Europe and make use of the EMMC network to complement these activities

Participation in the Council:

If you want to participate you are of course welcome!

  1. Review the list of working groups and decide on what topic you want to work
  2. Fill the participation form (see Participation link above) and contact the respective work group Operation Team Manager (OTM) or vice-OTM.
  3. Join the team and to agree your part in the work plan with them.

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